10 reasons why newsroom assignment editors might ignore your great story pitch

  1. They are distracted making phone calls for reporters who should be doing the work themselves but are instead either analyzing an air check or feasting on free food that just arrived in the newsroom.
  2. The news director is blaming them for missing a story no normal human being could have known about.
  3. They are busy setting up a newsroom camera live shot because no one else is left to do it.
  4. They are busy explaining to callers complaining about a story that it was the competition that actually aired the report.
  5. They are at the copy machine, the size of a small car, which is broken again because the maintenance man hasn’t yet made his weekly visit.
  6. They are explaining to a reporter for the 20th time he doesn’t need to dial a “1” when using the fax machine.
  7. They are getting an earful from reporters and photographers who hate working together while at the same time listening to interns who want to shoot stand-ups.
  8. They are on the phone trying to explain to a photographer why he is the closest one to breaking news even though he is 100 miles across town.
  9. They are screening calls for a TV anchor who secretly believes she deserves a secretary especially because the station dumped the make-up artist years ago.
  10. They are typing in information, answering phone calls, listening to police scanners, watching the competition on TV, setting up story ideas and Tweeting all while wondering how they lucked into getting a job that pays them so well for all they do.


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One Response to “10 reasons why newsroom assignment editors might ignore your great story pitch”

  1. So funny. And so true. I’d add in #11. Trying to explain to sales that they don’t any photogs to shoot an advertiser’s event.

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