How Companies Can Jump To Help Communities

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park in Phoenix offers an opportunity for businesses to play dodge ball as a team-building exercise. Photo courtesy of Altitude Trampoline Park

During this week of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d share something that we are thankful for: businesses that give back to their communities.

Whether it is large companies or small businesses, we appreciate all those whose efforts make our community a better place to live.

In this post, we are profiling a business that opened just six months ago but has already committed itself to giving back.

After learning about the devastation that hit Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, the owners of Altitude Trampoline Park in Phoenix decided to hold a fundraiser to help those affected.  

On Oct. 8, the trampoline park hosted a two-hour fundraiser, which included a week-long silent auction with items and gift certificates that co-owner Joe Berman collected from nearby businesses. Altitude donated 20 percent of proceeds from the cost of jump passes to the fundraiser and, along with the silent auction, raised more than $1,200 to donate to Red Cross relief efforts.

Over a period of a week and a half, the park also collected “boxes and boxes and boxes and bags and bags” of clothing, toiletries, dried food and other items to send to Puerto Rico, Berman said.

Altitude Trampoline Park, which opened this past June, is also focusing on how to help local schools. So when Berman heard that a local school needed some assistance, he jumped in to help.

A K-12 school for high functioning students with an autism spectrum disorder needed to raise funds for an adaptive playground designed to meet the students’ sensory needs. So Berman scheduled a fundraiser on Nov. 2, with Altitude donating $5 for every $20 that was spent. In addition, the trampoline park continues to raise funds for the school during special needs jumping sessions, which are held 10-11 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month and 10-11 a.m. on the last Wednesday of the month. During these hours, the lights are kept low and quieter music is played than at regular times.

Berman has also introduced a reading program called Bouncing Books, which recently launched as a pilot program with a local elementary school. Berman works with school librarians or administrators to award students with a free Icee and jump pass after they read a certain number of books.

Altitude also does fundraisers for schools, religious institutions and organizations. “Anyone who wants to make money while having fun,” Berman said companies have also held team-building activities there, such as an hour of dodge ball during the workday or after an evening meeting. 

“I really care about our community,” Berman said. He appreciates that as a business owner, he has a platform like this where he “can really help make a difference.”

Ways businesses can give back to their communities shares 10 other ways that businesses can give back to their community:

  1. Promote local businesses.
  2. Participate in holiday food drives.
  3. Sponsor a youth sports team.
  4. Set up a collection jar.
  5. Hold a contest.
  6. Sponsor an event.
  7. Adopt a brick.
  8. Build a house.
  9. Offer your skills.
  10. Encourage employee volunteerism. 

– Leisah Woldoff

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