Our Story

From Keith Yaskin

I wasn’t happy when a producer put my story after the first commercial in the 10pm news. But a woman who rarely watched local broadcasts tuned in that night and left me a voice mail the next morning. She was the girl I had a crush on from afar when we first met years earlier at Northwestern University. The saying is guys on TV get the girls. Well, I met my wife, Loren, after she saw me on television.

As my family grew, so did my priorities and the stories I enjoyed telling. I was an investigative reporter who also covered every day events. I saw presidents face to face and interviewed a wide range of famous people such as B.B. King, Charlton Heston and Wayne Gretzky. But in recent years, telling the stories of businesses both big and small was most rewarding. Businesses contacted me nearly every day. We would brainstorm on how to publicize their companies and personalize their brands. We explored how to establish them as industry experts and make their stories visually compelling so viewers would stop what they were doing, perk up and pay attention. I sat each morning at a conference table of TV managers and producers and persuaded them to tell these stories. My wife and I have learned to greatly appreciate how businesses of all sizes are the backbone of our society.

Loren and I decided to join forces, combine our skills and backgrounds and become one of the businesses we so much enjoy helping succeed. On our own, we can take the next step, explore new ideas and add our personal touch helping everyone else learn what your company has to offer.