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Personal PR: I Love Lucy Life Lessons

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

I Love Lucy


YouTube re-introduced me to the charm of I Love Lucy and its spin-off shows. Perhaps the classic sitcom subconsciously reminds me of watching it with grandma during days off from school. I’ve also watched behind-the-scenes footage of Desi Arnaz addressing a live studio audience and, with comic flare, introducing the show’s characters moments before cameras began to roll. Someone posted color film apparently shot by an audience member and edited it into a sequence with corresponding black and white segments from the actual episode. The color film highlights Lucille Ball’s striking red hair and, in this particular instance, a sharp blue hat she wore for a sketch. You suddenly remember the show is not real and consists of performers, real people who in a less-connected world found a simple formula that entertained viewers at home around the world.

I’m surprised I Love Lucy still makes me laugh. I wonder if my sense of humor is less sophisticated or perhaps the show truly is, like Mickey Mouse, a timeless classic attractive to all generations. The show clearly demonstrates how technology, colloquialisms and the roles of women inside and outside the home have changed. But, in many ways, the decades have changed little about people and the everyday, instinctive interactions between men and women and married couples.

But the fairy tale stories surrounding the show and Lucille Ball offer me lessons with extremely rough edges. The show and its spin-off, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, often included guest stars who, in their day, held the fame and fortune of today’s Brad Pitt. But I only knew some of these stars after visiting Wikipedia, which quickly reminded me time after time that people the public once assumed held the world in their hands were no longer with us. I feel somewhat uneasy about how only a touch of a finger can fast forward me from larger-than-life personas in their prime to decades later when it all ended.  Despite the reruns, I imagine some of today’s younger generations have only a vague concept of I Love Lucy and the genius of its star character. Wikipedia also explained how Vivian Vance (Ethel) apparently disliked William Frawley (Fred) enough to pass on pairing with him on a future project. (I guess their on-screen bickering reflected heavy doses of reality.) And a Barbara Walters interview with Lucille made it clear as black and white that her marriage to Desi was a disappointment. The glamorous Hollywood marriage only was such in the public’s desires and imaginations.

All this reminds me of simple life lessons that are complicated to implement. We stress over life’s small moments and ultimately forget why it even matters. Work creates tension because work is a means to money. Money is a means to a lifestyle. Lifestyle often leads to materialistic purchases we persuade ourselves we need to achieve status and greater happiness. Enough never seems enough. To stay aboard this fast running train, we spend our lunches, meetings and even visits to the park staring down at smartphones searching for new emails or distractions to fill a void. We magnify the unimportant and forget to watch our families smile or the striking mountains passing us while we drive. Rush hour is every hour and the end is a constantly moving target that nearly comes closer.

We imagine the personalities surrounding the success of I Love Lucy over the years had it all:  the fame wrapped in fortune. From their studios, they spread worldwide magic. But Barbara Walters interview with Lucille reminded me in the end, no matter our status or bank accounts, people generally want the same treasures in life:  happiness, health and love. Fame, fortune or a new BMW may momentarily realign our thinking, but even those with so much seem to eventually realize the basics are our true foundation for tranquility. And this re-occurring conclusion leads us to our common expressions of “life is short” and “smell the roses.” In reality, that is a religion so few practice.

I don’t believe I Love Lucy is meant to conjure up such deep or simplistic thinking depending on your point of view. But this is my experience. Fame, fortune and achievement earn you a Wikipedia entry, but our legacies, even if not publicly appreciated, should strive for much more than that.

Video Production: Hot And Saucy! Kissing On Camera?

Monday, December 16th, 2013


By Victoria Rosenblum, The Flip Side Communications

Some couples go to dinner to share their dreams for success and spend the evening talking about their busy workdays. For Jason Steffen and Kat Bingham, it is easy to stay on the same page. Not only do they live together, but they also share the same dream of being actors and shared the same day job at Queen’s Pizzeria in Mesa, AZ.

While shooting a video, Keith and I met the couple that was obviously head over heels for one another. The two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and even asked if they could kiss on camera. This is still the strangest request I have ever heard of at a shoot—let’s just say they certainly were not camera shy. After we decided the kiss on camera wasn’t going to be a cohesive fit for our b-roll, Keith decided to let his journalistic side kick in and question the two lovebirds.

“Are you married,” asked Keith? “What do you do when you’re not working here?”

Turns out we met a young “Brangelina.” Let’s call Jason and Kat “Jaskat.” Jaskat explained that they live together and feel as committed to one another as a married couple. The hitch is that they agreed they would not get a marriage license until all people have the right to wed. Kat confided in Keith and me once Jason turned around. She flashed a smile and whispered that she’d take a ring from Jason any time.

The two can’t get enough of each other. Not only does Jaskat live and work together, but they also act in community theatre together. They moved to Los Angeles and plan to make it big.

I’m thinking we’ll be seeing big things from Jaskat and the two won’t let Hollywood get in the way of their romance. They seemed to make a great team in the pizzeria, as they will during the next step of their journey in LA.

At work Jason rolled out and tossed the dough and handed it off to Kat for the sauce and toppings. Jason is the cheese to Kat’s peperoni. Now that’s love.

Personal PR: 10 Ways To Chill Out

Sunday, June 30th, 2013
  1. Don’t allow disputes to consume you. Think of them only when necessary.
  2. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you control the outcome of professional sporting events. That’s unnecessary pressure.
  3. Acknowledge someone is an idiot and move on. Don’t dwell on it.
  4. Avoid social media when you’re not in the mood for annoying people.
  5. Don’t drive yourself bonkers by constantly applying hand sanitizer.
  6. Don’t dominate every day answering emails.
  7. Do funny impersonations of people you know. But share performances with only your partner or best friend, not the entire office.
  8. Look around at life surrounding you without looking down once at your smartphone.
  9. Drive somewhere slowly.
  10. Get busy with someone you love.

Modern Love: A Man In Lovers’ Lane

Friday, March 2nd, 2012


I’ve been witnessing a series of events bringing into question the assumption many men are not emotionally available. The man I’ve been observing is 70 years old, reinforcing my unscientific theory that men soften with age. He is decades from when his visits to college football games included fistfights. He is a generation away from the F-bomb assault he once dropped on a man who towed his car. He is a different man.

He carefully chose his partner. He enjoys telling his son about her greatest features. He loves talking to her and is patient when she doesn’t understand him. If he wakes up early, he ensures he is by her side. And I often see him with his hands all over her, caressing her, protecting her. He even stayed up until 2am researching how to treat her better.

I won’t name him. But her name is BMW X5. After trying out several others, he finally made it official with BMW X5. I knew this was more than a casual fling when he bought extra mats to protect her floor mats.

The man’s wife woke up early one morning and noticed her husband not in bed. He was in BMW X5. His research on how to properly wax her kept him up into the wee hours of the night. I’m afraid of touching BMW X5. And when I tried talking to her navigational system, she gave me the silent treatment. I’m sure I just wasn’t the right guy. I wasn’t the guy in the driver’s seat.

But I’m happy he is happy. She is big and beautiful and dressed in leather. They will share his family, friends and America’s roads traveling the country together.

When his wife drives BMW X5 alone and returns home, I’m sure he conducts his own 12-point inspection. His wife understands. She laughs about it. Call it ménage à car.