The Other Side Of The Story: Employee Communications

Loren with our dog Molly at PetSmart


For every external communications plan, there should be an equal (but not opposite) internal communications plan.

Companies often spend so much energy focusing on external stakeholders through marketing and PR efforts, they often ignore their most important stakeholders:  employees. Powerful employee communications is more than raising awareness and understanding of company programs. It’s about connectivity and passion. Through her strategic employee communications counsel, Loren helps leadership tap into that connectivity and passion. When employees understand their roles in the vision and strategic priorities, they feel inspired to take action, take risks and be innovative. Ultimately, employees feel so passionate about the company, they become your brand ambassadors and spread the word about it.

Call us biased. But we believe internal communications has the power to be the lifeline of a company. It brings people together for the common good of the organization and helps employees understand their roles in the bigger picture. Effective internal communications has the power to shape a company’s culture, build trust, loyalty, drive brand behavior, as well as support company initiatives and objectives. When employees are engaged, they have a sense of ownership and their job satisfaction increases. And so does the company bottom line.

While we believe in traditional communications strategies and tactics, we constantly strive to help our clients break the mold. Our strategic internal communications consulting helps companies:

  • Build trust in leadership and the overall organization
  • Deconstruct silos
  • Connect the dots between everyday work and strategic priorities
  • Illustrate key programs and processes through visual storytelling
  • Improve participation in and perceptions of company benefits programs
  • Align employees around change efforts
  • Quell rumors
  • Sync external marketing and branding efforts with internal branding efforts
  • Prepare employees for crises
  • Inspire through leadership communications coaching
  • Communicate through innovative multimedia channels
  • Discover creative ways to resonate with employees
  • Spark conversations that drive engagement

At companies such as Edelman Public Relations, Vanguard and PetSmart, Loren’s experience in creating and implementing employee communications campaigns and ability to build meaningful cross-functional relationships makes her a natural extension of the team. Loren believes in trying something new to cut through the noise and grab employees’ attention. To do just that, she created the concept for a custom View-Master featuring Captain 401(k). Captain 401(k) explained to Yahoo! employees how and why to take advantage of their 401(k) benefit.

Employee communications services include:

  • Internal communications strategy development and implementation
  • HR/benefits communications strategy development and implementation
  • Internal branding
  • Recruiting communications
  • Organizational change communications
  • Leadership communications coaching
  • Internal brand journalism tools and techniques